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Subtle Sparkles

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Alison asked me if I could design her wedding using baby’s breath. I said yes with much delight.

I themed the wedding: Subtle Sparkles.

Location: 32 at The Mansion, Penang

Let the magic begin:

Baby’s breaths are magical and dainty. Therefore, I presented a wedding design that would complement (instead of outshining) them.

View of the table-of-honor: I aimed for it to look fresh and pleasing:

Baby’s breath art pieces on several elements:

You might have noticed that I used a little bit of cobalt blue (the bow) as part of the design. Alison wore wedding heels of the same shade. Her bridesmaids’ dresses were also cobalt blue. This is the reason I incorporated this color into the design.

The customized block candles (with matching baby’s breath art design):

Notice the twinkle on the table cloth? It looked like Miss Tinker Bell (of Peter Pan) sprinkled the sparkling pixie dust (sometimes known as “fairy dust”) all over the table. These fabrics (one layer as base; another layer as overlay- both layers have sparkle on them) completed the theme. When you choose fabric with sparkles, avoid those that have large amount of fallout. You don’t want those fallout to get all over the guests. Alison loved the subtle twinkle from the fabric.

On the napkins:

Crystal vases add exquisite details and a touch of elegance to the centerpieces:

On the guest tables: baby’s breath, white roses and candles with cobalt blue trims.

The outdoor area (guest registration table):

Alison likes blue hydrangeas and turquoise blue color. We had blue hydrangeas at the outdoor area and baby’s breath at the indoor (main dining section):

Lastly, a few pictures of the customized candles:

And I want to say a big Thank You to Alison & Adam, for allowing me to design, create and work on your wedding without restrictions!

Thank you for viewing and hope you like this wedding!