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Where they belong

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

As promised, here are more pictures of the seashell flowers that I have created for Jasmine & Steve’s wedding.

When my husband and I walk on the beach, we pick seashells sometimes. We picked each and every shells that made up these shell flowers in pictures below. It took me a few months to be able to get enough of the good ones.

Two days before the wedding, I brought them back to the beach for one last time, giving them the joy of being with the sea and sand again.

The ocean had given me wonderful things (and memories). I hope that it has given you something special too.

Hope you like these photos!

Sunshine, Waves and East Meets West – A Beach Wedding

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

There are many things I like about this wedding. I like that my client trusted my aesthetics in wedding design. Thank you, Jasmine and Steve, for the artistic freedom you have given me throughout the entire creative process.

I like sunflowers. I used them for this wedding because we want a sunny and joyous celebration.

I also like these seashell flowers. The guests liked them too. As you might have noticed, you see similar ones appearing on my homepage and also on this blog header.

For Jasmine & Steve’s wedding, I blended a few elements together to form something symbolic.

Let me explain this a little:

– Jasmine is Malaysian-Chinese. (Traditional red Chinese knot with tassels)
– Steve is British. (Union Jack)
– They have a beach theme wedding (seashell flowers)

So we have: Traditional red Chinese knot tassel + Union Jack + seashell flower =


And bringing in some waves with these patterns:

wave” patterns on the table number stands :

The starfish lanterns making some waves too! :

Frosted pebbles to create the effect of water droplets on the table runner:

At the ceremony area:

When the sun hits the gazebo- this is exactly the mood and effect I hoped to achieve. I always like sheer fabric of the right color; they work wonderfully with the sunset scene.

Hope you like the colors and the mood:

And the sunflowers make people happy, always:

The table of honor:

White starfish lanterns:

Flower centerpieces with seashell flower tassels:

Another East meets West element:

A better view: Chinese chopsticks with Union Jacks – for an East Meets West theme.

Guests’ tables:

Hope you like this sunny wedding. More pictures of those seashell flowers coming your way. Stay tuned!