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A Modern Art Inspired Wedding – Beach Wedding

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

First of all, I would like to thank the charming bride, Shuhada, for your confidence in my creativity, allowing me the liberty to implement my ideas and concepts. I perform best when I have the freedom to make professional decisions on a design that is best for the theme, without being pressured to conform to overused wedding ideas :).

Floral centerpieces commonly take the limelight. What sets this wedding apart is that the star of the stage is, well, the starfish! The flowers instead took the role of the “supporting characters” to complement these darlings from the sea.

The centerpiece (literally – in terms of its position on the table- of- honor)

I conceptualized this modern art inspired centerpiece using starfish, seashells and the specially selected blue- green tinted jar (Shuhada wanted turquoise as the main color). The tint and texture of the glassware create effect that resembles oil paintings. To some, this centerpiece looks like an oil painting; to others, it has that “under- the- sea” look. The starfish and shells looked as if they were submerged in water (in fact, there was no water inside the glass).

Shuhada adores seashells and starfish.

As little kids, many of us collected seashells when we played at the beach. When we got home, we put these little shells in boxes or bottles- our little collection from the sea. The decorations below were inspired by one of our favorite childhood beach activity.

Voila! presenting to you a delightful exhibition of colorful seashells in blue- green jars- an art exhibition in honor of our beautiful memories of fun times at the beach!

The blue green tint of the jars fits the color theme, at the same time adds a relaxing tone to the decoration pieces.

The jars were “sealed” with starfish, that’s why I needed jars with cork lids:

The candles- and I had these little fellas “guarding” the candles for us! You gotta get pass them to get to the candles!

And this one opened the door, inviting you to have a better look at the candles :). Do you like those blue green shells on the candles?

The views of the table- of- honor

Orange and cream yellow flowers added liveliness to the theme:

At the guests’ registration table: flowers in a starfish bag with the couple’s initials on it. I got this idea when I was at the beach- having some flowers in a cute paper bag, and placing the bag at the center of the picnic cloth together with the food :).

I love these yellow shells!

I used the remaining shells to make these photo clippers:

A wonderful couple 🙂

The essence pieces:

I enjoyed working on this wedding! Hope you like it too!

Here’s a testimonial from the lovely bride:

The moment when my family agreed to fulfill my dream of having a beach wedding, I instantly googled for beach wedding sites in Penang. Although I have been living in KL for the past 10 years, Penang is always close to my heart as I was born and raised in this beautiful island.
I have to say that I was very lucky to find this blog at the first try. I was impressed with Liyen’s magic hands in turning weddings into beautiful and fairy-tale-like events. So I hired her to decorate the main table and registration area for my wedding at Lone Pine Hotel in Batu Ferringhi and the result was not disappointing at all!
My husband and I loved the starfish and seashells decoration in the jar and not to forget the flower arrangement. Liyen was very particular with the type of flowers and the choice of colours to highlight the beach mood and they truly mesmerised the guests.
She is also very helpful and is always ready with good suggestions on the things I need to do or buy.
I received a lot of wonderful comments from my family and friends on the decorations and I am one satisfied client 🙂
Thanks Liyen for your magical touch and I wish you best of luck! – Shuhada Elis

Purple Please! – Natural Elegance

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

I was hired to design a purple wedding ceremony.

Presenting to you: A natural and elegant ceremony in purple:

I used sheer fabric to frame the aisle- Nature joined in the celebration and worked its magic on these light weight chiffon. Here’s how:

Caressed gently by the wind, the chiffon swung in nature’s own rhythm- the guests could feel and “see” the sea breeze through the movement of the fabric!

The sun, shone its light on the translucent material and made them glow.

Voila! You have the sunlight and wind creating these natural effects for you (picture below):

Tip: Use sheer and light-weight fabric to create smooth drape. Some fabric do not drape properly – they dangle lifelessly and give a rigid appearance.

Benjamin (groom) requested for deep purple flowers specifically. With that in mind, purple flowers were carefully selected to reflect the character and mood of this wedding – I had countless discussions with Bryan (Ohara) – my trusted florist, on flower matter. Flower colors, flower breed and arrangement style were all given careful attention. Thank God, Bryan was accommodating and provided these pretty flowers. Here are some flowers we got:

Flowers on the gazebo:
This is a clean and contemporary gazebo design – a good ratio between flowers and green (leaves):

Flowers on the aisle:
I added little details to the elegant flower pomander (which is a blend of cooler shades)- brigthen them up with ribbon and bow of warmer shades of purple. For some reason, when these photos were uploaded onto the website, some of the purple hydrangea looks blue on screen.

Flowers on the resgistration table:

Chair flowers:

Flowers in other areas:

Some sharing and thoughts (my personal opinion):

The landscape of Lonepine is primarily dark green. Naturally, dark purple doesn’t show up much against the vastness of dark green.

Take a look at the picture below: The purple eustomas are “hidden” among the green and white.

Another picture below: We have a dark green surrounding. Can you imagine the scene if I were to use dark purple sash on the chair? If I were to do that, it would be a large patch of dark color, and you probably drown the lovely purple statice (on the chair) among all the “darkness”.

In some setup (together with it’s surrounding), dark colors in excessiveness could create a solemn atmosphere. Imagine all the dark green + dark purple – they would bring upon a heavy mood.

My suggestion: use a lighter shade (from the purple color group) around the deep purple, to draw attention to the darker shade (and its details), and to lighten things up.

Take a look at the picture below – On the Right: See how the lighter shade brings attention to the silk lavender bouquet? On the Left: The silk lavender bouquet is almost indistinguishable from the dark background.

Just remember, keep the lighter shade clean and simple, it’s there to highlight the darker shade and its detail, not competing with it :).

And if you want a distinctive purple theme, be discipline with the colors you use, choose colors from the same color group.

I shall end this post with another photo of the ceremony setup, this time, with a bright and colorful parachute in the sky! It was a lovely morning, filled with fun and memorable activities- For Benjamin & Josephine (the gorgeous wedding couple) and for the guy in the sky!