Enchanting Forest Theme (A garden wedding at Lonepine, Penang)

This wedding drew inspiration from “Mori”. “Mori” is a Japanese word and it means forest or wood. There exists also a Japanese sub culture with the name Mori Girls.

Why Mori? I shall start by telling you that, Maya is not a Mori Girl and she did not request for a Mori style theme. What Maya wanted was a fresh and pretty outdoor garden wedding.

Then why Mori? – because I wanted to use the fresh touch of forest, wood and flowers to create an enchanting nature inspired theme.

When Maya and I met, I realized she adores things like twig / branch wreath, twine art decorations and such. In other words, something earth tone, neutral, something from the woods. Ah… from the woods. That’s how the concept Mori came into my mind. Wood. Flowers and wood. Flowers on wood. Flowers with wood. That was my initial concept for Maya.

Here are the “wood” elements (below). All these materials I got/ made below, drew inspiration from the forest and nature:

Anyway, speaking of flowers, Maya sent me a picture of the flower color she preferred. So based on her preference, we used a variety of pink flowers. The flowers I ordered from Bryan (of Ohara) are lovely! Together with the wooden buckets, they looked charming!

The front view of table-of-honor: Mrs Takahashi (Maya’s mum) decided to name the table-of-honor “Tulip”

Side/ alternative views where you can see more of the “wood”/ earth tone details:

The fun little details:

Mrs. Takahashi (Maya’s mother) asked if we could name the guest tables with flower names. I liked her idea very much. So I made these boards with flower names too.

Guests’ tables design:

For guests’ table flowers, pale pastel pink vases were used to give the design a soft and sweet look.

Oh yeah, these are items that Peter and Maya brought back from the UK (they are based there). Don’t you love that little wooden heart shape chalk board?

Maya also asked me to setup a candy corner for her. To keep the kids (of guests) happy!

The wooden Candy Bar sign:

Hope you like this pretty and sweet nature inspired theme. Stay tuned for more wedding ideas!

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