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Vintage Whimsical Wedding

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Love this wedding – enough said. My bubbly client Ange (the bride) and I worked together to create this wedding. Items that I have designed drew inspiration from the 50’s (please see the end of this post). We want lots of colors and quirky details in this wedding. Ange wanted lilac as a base color, but she likes her wedding colorful as well, hence I started designing her wedding with those requirements in mind. I used subtle polka dots, a blend of bold colors as accent and trims with retro feel.

Et Voila!

Main table setting – lilac runners with vintage trim, candles with whimsical touch, and vases decorated with quilt fabric and the custom-made table mats:

Vintage Whimsical Decoration

Polka dots fabric remnants were used to decorate the vases:

Polka Dots Fabric On Vase

Red flowers:

Blend Of Fresh Red Flowers

I made these table mat for them – Ange likes lilac, to add the whimsical vintage feel, I choose fabric with tiny polka dots (large polka dots might look too cutesy), and added trims on it. For the groom, Jon, I decided not to use lilac polka dots fabric, because I don’t think guys would like to stare at a polka dot mat while eating , hence I got inspiration from men-shirt, and choose a fabric that has light purple and grey stripe to make Jon’s table mat.

Custom Made Lilac Polka Dots Dining Mat And Napkin Holder


Custom Made Men Shirt Dining Mat And Napkin Holder


Cute Retro Dining Mat

The bride and groom really loved the table mats I made – the groom, Jon was amused when he saw the mat: “Oh wow there’s a pocket with a button! It has a tie too!”

Candles – I purchased and custom-made different candles for this wedding:

Candles With Quirky Patterns

I like this one. I made these – I am glad I found this red flower button to put it on the candles:

Retro Red Button Candle

Heart-shape candles for the bride and groom:

Heart Shaped Candles

For ceremony:

I wasn’t keen on the sash-on-the-back-of-the-chair look. So I suggested to Ange to use silver polka dot ribbon and a red flower. 50’s Whimsical look – Voila!

Silver Polka Dot Ribbon Chair Decoration And Red Gerbera


Ceremony Chairs

Special seats for the bride and groom during the ceremony. Ange didn’t like the idea of having a wedding arch. Instead, I decorated their seating area with Ange’s dad’s well-traveled vintage suitcase and some balloons:

Retro Outdoor Wedding Ceremony At 32 Mansion


Some parasols to add color to the ceremony area:

Wedding Parasols To Add Color

Registration area:

The Ang Pow collection box:

Smiley Ang Pow Box


Reception Area

Candy “bar” – to keep the kids busy and happy. We want kids to be happy and “occupied” during the ceremony and cocktail session:

Wedding Candy


Use candies with interesting shape and colors to add color:

Colorful Candies For Wedding

Colorful popcorns – from Australia:

Colorful Popcorns For Wedding

Colorful jellybeans:

Colorful Jellybeans For Wedding

Love shaped marshmallows:

Love Shaped Marshmallow

Trust me, kids love this wedding too! They cleared the candies pretty quickly!

Candy ‘Bar’ For Kids At The Wedding

Miscellaneous shots and also some behind the scene shots:

Colorful wedding invites – Ange made this when she was in Australia. When I saw these cards, I knew she and I will work well together because we have very similar taste!

Cute Vintage Wedding Cards


Vintage Wedding Cards

Making of the dining mats:

Fabric For Customized Dining Mat


Dining Mats For The Bride And The Groom


Men Shirt Dining Mat For The Groom


Lilac Polka Dots Dining Mat For The Bride


Matching Dining Mats For The Guests


Matching Dining Mats For The Guests

Lilac table runner with vintage trim:

Lilac Table Runner

The candles design:

Candle With Red Trim And Flower Button


Quirky Candles For The Wedding


Cute Red Buttons

And the smiley Ang pow box:
It looked like that when Ange passed the mailbox to me.
I think he looked a little plain, so I gave him a face (using red buttons):

Plain White Mailbox

The transformation!

Voila! Transformed Into A Smiley Ang Pow Box

How I dressed up the old suitcase:

Vintage Suitcase For Wedding