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Minimalist Chic

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Minimalist Chic Wedding

Basically, we brought in the feature decorating items and let nature help us with the rest of the decoration – with natural outdoor light, hue and greenery :-). Of course, minimalism does not mean character-less. In this case, having the right amount of right elements (that highlights your personality) is better than having an overdose of pretty things in your wedding. Keeping things simple yet stylish is also a form of confidence and self-expression.

Like this minimalism chic wedding, may all of us have the confidence to keep the frills and superfluous away, and let our personality shine!

Sam wanted a white beach wedding with a tint of gold. She is bright, modern, decisive (love her for that!) and fashionable. Hence her wedding theme should be fresh, clean and chic in terms of decoration.

Though she wanted a white wedding, for banquet table setting, I stayed away from vintage theme, and I didn’t want to introduce any lace, pearls or frilly elements as part of the decoration.

To create a breezy, fresh and chic wedding, we used baby’s breath as centerpieces on tables.  Why baby’s breath? We wanted something fresh and chic. Most flowers look too “heavy”, and baby’s breath as centerpiece is unconventional, subtle yet magical, it’s like having vases full of sparkle on the tables! We want the effortless beauty of simplicity and minimalism :).

Baby’s Breath Wedding Centerpiece

Baby’s Breath Wedding Centerpiece

Baby’s Breath Wedding Centerpiece

Gold trim candles on guests tables:

Beach Wedding Gold Trim Candle

Other than the tall baby’s breath centerpiece, white rose candles and small posy of cream roses to create extra details to the table-of-honor.

White Beach Wedding Centerpiece

White Beach Wedding Centerpiece

White Beach Wedding Centerpiece

White Rose Candles

We kept the whole setting as clean and white as possible. It looks great with the outdoor greenery and when the sunset, a warm hue was cast onto the white settings. It wasn’t as hot as you’d think; we had a lot of sea breeze that day. Sam and Jason had the perfect weather for their beach wedding!

Lonepine Penang White Beach Wedding

Sunset Hue

For the wedding ceremony, we made it a little romantic but still keeping the overall look clean.

Lonepine Penang Beach Garden Wedding Ceremony

On the guests ceremonial chairs:

Customized sandalwood fans for guests:

Sandalwood Fan


Wedding Poppers/ Confetti

Wedding Poppers/ Confetti

Doily petal holders with gold trims:

Doily Petal Holders

Doily Petal Holders

Doily Petal Holders

Doily Petal Holders

Bubbles – kids’ favourite:

Wedding Bubbles

Registration area:

On the registration table: Unity candle that was lit during the ceremony, a metal lamp and rose candles.

Candles At Wedding Registration

Candles At Wedding Registration

Cute baby and childhood photos of Sam & Jason to keep the guests Oooh & Aaah –ing:

Fun Things At Wedding Registration Corner

Cute Baby Photos

Batman and Princess!

Props for the photo sessions:

Fun Props For Guests

Wishing Board



Baby’s Breath Centerpiece – Before Set Up

Love Chris and Ruth’s bridesmaid dresses, and Ruth’s mega-watt grin 🙂

Lovely Bridesmaids, Flower Girl and Smart Ring Bearer

Ronald & Juliet’s boys – Lucas & Gabriel.  I am a fan of theirs! Here they are, playing my favourite tune Can Can in violin. By the way, their dad Ronald is a multi talented man and sings like Michael Buble!

Young Wedding Musicians

Young and Talented Violinists

It was tremendously tedious to put those gold trims on one candle, and I had to do 20 of these. Almost gave up on these and thought of just tying ribbons on the candles, but that’s too common, don’t you think? And I think Sam deserves more than just common.

Gold Trim Candles

Gold Trim Candles – Bird Eye View

Voila! And now waiting for more photos from Ke Wynn, the appointed wedding photographer of the wedding day!