Turquoise Beach Wedding

I was hired to design a theme for a client’s beach wedding. The wedding location is the newly re-opened Lone Pine Hotel in Penang.

The bride (who has a sparkly and fun personality), wanted something that is harmonious with the surrounding of the wedding venue, and she likes turquoise color.

To create a fun and natural theme wedding, I used  starfish and sea shells (and fine sand, of course).

Et Voila!

Sugar Starfish and White Finger Starfish, with colorful seashells

Bridal table main centerpiece

Starfish candles on bridal table

Napkin Rings – I created these using ribbon and strawberry seashell.

At the reception area:

The seashells are all dressed up too, I picked these babies from the beach myself (some by Mike), it’s great to have a wedding designer who always hangs out at the beach huh? 🙂

Starfish candles with colorful cone shells:

Overall wedding theme.

Lighting – The bride brought back these lovely lightings from Vietnam, they fit the theme perfectly.

The bride with her blue hydrangea bridal bouquet:

Some pictures of the decoration items:




Hope you like this wedding!

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